XP DEUS With WS4 Backphone Headphones + Remote + 11″ Coil


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XP DEUS With WS4 Backphone Headphones + Remote + 11″ Coil – DEUS28X35RCWS4US

XP Deus wireless metal detector plus WS4 headphones incorporates power, speed, precision, and is lightweight. The compactness of this detector has been achieved by the components developed for leading-edge technologies.
Remote Specifications
Can control and adjust the detector alone
Built in speaker works with or without headphones
1/8″ audio headphone jack
Four non-motion modes
Precise audio and visual discrimination
Extended iron discrimination
Nine preset factory programs
Expert menu
Belt clip included
Full graphic display
Low power consumption backlight
Intuitive screen functions
Battery life: +/- 27 hours
Search Coil Specifications
11″ X35 Round standard search coil
Carbon fiber infused DD
Light weight and waterproof
Includes coil cover and hardware
Contains metal detector electronics
Battery Life: +/- 20 hours (depending on power and frequency)
Total of 35 frequencies – 5 main frequencies with 7 wide offsets 3.7 to 4.4kHz, 7.1 to 8.4kHz, 10.5 to 12.4kHz, 15.2 to 17.8kHz, 23.5 to 27.7kHz
Headset Information
Wireless headphone with controls and LCD screen
Light and foldable removable headband
One click headband replacement
Can control the detector alone
Lithium battery and charger included
Case included