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Falcon Gold Tracker MD20 Metal Detector 300kHz with 5′ waterproof probe….

The Falcon’s superior ability to detect gold, silver, copper, platinum and other valuable metals in rock formations provide the prospector with a tool unavailable until now. Historically, tailing piles were created by miners selecting good ore from “worthless rocks” by sight alone. Millions of dollars of valuable ore were discarded because the miner couldn’t see the metal!! Those metals are still lying in those tailing piles waiting for someone with the electronic sight of a Falcon.

With improved sensitivity and more power, the MD20 series of Falcons will give the modern prospector the ability to find gold in places never before detectable. Small enough to fit in you pocket and rugged enough to be used in the field, the MD20 will be a necessary tool for every serious prospector.

While designed with the gold prospector in mind, the Falcon has found many other metal detecting uses, such as:

Hobby – Pinpointing coins and jewelry without touching them
Medical – Locating metal fragments in the body
Construction – Locating covered up nail heads
Food Service – Scanning for metal fragments
Wood Working – Finding metals before damaging blades
Many others where small metal pieces need to be detected.
Tech Details

Operating frequency; 300 kHz
Dimensions: 1.6″x 3.25″ x 6″
Weight 14oz.
Probe: waterproof 6″ probe on 5′ cable
Batteries: two 9V alkaline
Battery life: 40-50 hours
Target alert: built in speaker and headphone jack
Controls: ground balance, sensitivity. Probe has adjustable copper ring for sensitivity selection.

Normally we never recommend anyone take a pin-pointer out gold detecting. Normal Pin-pointers don’t have the proper discrimination and ground balance to deal with ground mineralization associated with gold (black sand, heavy iron).
But the falcon isn’t really as much a pin-pointer as it is a very sensitive small short-range metal detector designed to find gold and other metals.
You can use the Falcon to find gold in sample pans, in small tight crevices large gold detectors can’t reach, in bedrock, or in sample rocks like quartz specimens.
You can adjust the range and sensitivity of the falcon, as well as ground balance it. The closer the range, the more sensitive it is. Adjusting the range is simple, just twist the two rings at the top to make them either farther apart, or closer together. Tweak the sensitivity so it’s just on edge of being unstable.
When using the Falcon, you scan the dirt or rock until you find a target, then move the tip of the falcon towards and away from the target. If the Falcon sounds off on the way towards the target, put not when pulling away, it’s likely gold or another non-ferrous metal. If the Falcon sounds off while pulling away from the target, but not going towards it, the target is iron.
Finally, if the Falcon sounds off both going towards and pulling away from the target, it could be any mix of metals, and should be investigated. The Falcon doesn’t have audio modulation, it will make the same sound on a large deep piece of gold as it will a shallow small piece of gold.