Dream Mat Cape “4D” Turbocharge Kit for Gold Cube


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Designed upon request from prospectors on the West Coast sluicing beach sands for ocean gold. You asked, we delivered. Get the same over-the-top performance you’d expect from any Dream Mat Product. Save big on this 4x bundle.

Every time you change up, you can capture different zone gold. So for a 3x stack w/ a slick plate, this is the Cats Meow! Use the Micro on the slick plate for that free gold, followed by 2 trays of Cape “D”, and finish it up on the Mini for a change up.

Run 2x the feed rate & more water flow to process more material & get more gold! No more baby scoops! No more overloading shallow conveyor belt. No more slow clean-outs!

100% Absolutely love it or get your money back.

2x Cape D Dream Mats
1x Micro Dream Mat
1x Mini Dream Mat
1x Clamp Set
Scientifically engineered with advanced fluid dynamic principles.