BLU3 NOMAD Dive System – 3 Batteries


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BLU3 NOMAD Dive System – 3 Batteries – With Backpack – SKU# Nomad-BP-3

BLU3 Nomad + Backpack Dive System Features

Nomad + Backpack Dive System:
Dive Deeper w/Nomad!
Explore Deeper, w/o Hassles
For Experienced Divers Wanting Convenience & Simplicity of Nemo
Depth Performance for Diving Deeper Reefs, Shipwrecks, & More
Battery-Powered Tankless Diving System
Floats-On-Surface Like-A-Buoy & Delivers Compressed Air
40′ (12.2m) Long Breathing Hose
Dive Depths Up to 30′ (9.1m)
Battery Run Time: 60-Minutes or More
Extremely User-Friendly & Portable
You Can Even Fly w/It!
Travel & Explore Underwater World w/Nomad, Hassle Free

Nomad: Hassle-Free & Easy-to-Use
Spend More Time Underwater & Less Time Filling Tanks
Charge Your Battery & Get-Out-There!
Proprietary Air Pump Withstands Saltwater Intrusion w/o Damage
All Parts Corrosion Resistant & Simple to Maintain

Safety First:
BLU3’s Nomad On-Line Training Course
Prepares You for Your Underwater Adventures
Weather It’s Your First Dive
Or Your Thousandth Dive
Complete System Fits into Included Backpack

For Easy Transport & Storage
Makes Traveling to Dive Destination Easier-Than-Ever-Before
Padded Back Support & Shoulder Straps for Extreme Comfort
Storage Compartments Inside Designed to Organize:
Air Hose, Batteries & Chargers
Flotation Tube, Dive Flag, & Weight Belt
Zipper Pocket for Miscellaneous Items: Phone & Wallet
Straps On Side to Carry Fins
What Allows Nomad to Be-So Compact, Energy-Efficient, & Responsive?
BLU3’s Patent-PendingSmart Regulator: First-of-It-Kind!

Here’s How-It-Works:
Silicone Diaphragm Inside Reg Moves When Diver Breathes
Waterproofed Sensor Measures Diaphragm Movement
Sensor: Sends Electronic Signal, Triggers Compressor to Pump Air
Exactly-At-Time & Speed Diver-Is-Inhaling
Pumps Only Exact Pressure, Volume, & Flow Rate Needed at Particular Depth
Uses Fraction of Energy of Any-Other Underwater Breathing System
BLU3: Smaller Pumps, Motors, & Batteries
Most Portable & Affordable Underwater Breathing System Ever!
Regulator Equipped w/Adjustment Knob for Perfect Breathing-At-Depth
System Designed for Age 12 & Up

5000mAh, 144 Wh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Cell
Maximum Charge Voltage: 33.6 Volts
Nominal Voltage: 29.6
Charge Time: 3-Hours

Dry Bag Float:
For Additional Buoyancy, Stability, & Visibility
2-Air Reservoirs Inflated by Mouth
44 lbs (20kg) of Buoyancy
Bright Color Warns Watercraft
Store Dry Items Inside Waterproof Compartment
Bungee System for Hose Easy Storage

Available-In 3-Models:
No Spare Battery
One Spare Battery
2-Spare Batteries
Each Battery Includes Wall Charger
Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 9″ (43 x 28 x 23cm)
Weight: 15 lbs (7kg)
Fully Assembled-In-USA
Owner’s Manual