Advanced Methods for Finding Gold in the Water wit


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Advanced Methods for Finding Gold in the Water with the Minelab Excalibur – 09

In this informative and detailed book the author shares his twenty-five years of detecting experience with the reader. These pro-level methods, tips and tricks for the Minelab Excalibur will help you become a more effective, accurate and versatile shallow water treasure hunter.
Topics include:
• Using the Excalibur’s tones to identify gold and recognize junk.
• Super depth secrets, both modes.
• Fresh and salt water tuning for peak performance.
• Coil control skills and methods.
• Getting results in dense trash and other difficult conditions.
• Using pulse induction methods with the Excalibur
• Large coil skills, methods and tuning.
• Understanding sites for consistent results.
• Fine-tuning your skills with the Excalibur.
• Getting top dollar for your gold.
• And much more…
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