8″ X 35″ Sluice Box with Vortex Dream Mat – Big Foot Series


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Big Foot Series sluices are shorter for more versatile use. Make it easy to get a good slope drop and to fit your sluice in your pack. Sluice confidently as gold gets caught in the front row. This will outperform a traditional 10″ wide sluice in volume & you do not need to classify, just shovel it right in. Reduce your cons, get instant clean outs, take home more gold!

Dream Mats increased efficiency has fueled the NEW GOLD RUSH where gold can now be found in areas that never were considered a gold bearing area. This is not your outdated traditional sluice! Our vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery to your pan!

8″ X 35″~ Sluice Box
Hook Slick Plate Clamp requires no screws
16 ga. aluminum construction
8″ X 24″~ Vortex Dream Mat

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