8″ X 35″ Sluice Box w/ Micro/Cape D Combo Mat- Big Foot Series


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8″ X 35″ Sluice Box w/ Combo-Mico/Cape D – Big Foot Series

A favorite for high banking fine gold & con reducing. Gold just gives up when facing the unsurpassable combo mat. Throw this in your sluice box and count on our unique 2 stage recovery system to lock on to your gold.

Micro Mat = Insane fine gold recovery you can see; lets you know when you’re on the gold without the migration other ribbed mats have.
Cape-D (New High Low Version) fine gold recovery for heavy black sands.
Big Foot Series sluices are shorter for more versatile use. Make it easy to get a good slope drop and to fit your sluice in your pack. Sluice confidently as gold gets caught in the front row. Micro Mats are great beach mats & finishing mats to capture uber-fine gold with very little cons. This makes a great addition to the Mini Mat set up for fine gold recovery.

Miners doing fine gold recovery in Australia wanted a larger version to catch the fine gold from crushing. We see folks showing off gold in this mat all the time. It’s so fun & easy to use!

Dream Mats increased efficiency has fueled the NEW GOLD RUSH where gold can now be found in areas that never were considered a gold bearing area. This is not your outdated traditional sluice! Our vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery to your pan!

8″ X 35″~ Sluice Box
8 X 23 Combo mat~
Wing nut pressure clamp
16 ga. aluminum construction
Colors may vary